Offer adventure as a gift

Nice gift idea, offer a bike tour or a trek !

You like our tours, make a gift

Offering a bike trip or a hike is an original gift that will surely leave lasting memories!

L’Autre Chemin offers you gift vouchers… A good idea for an original gift for a birthday, a retirement, a wedding, or a Christmas present!

It’s simple, you have two options


You have already chosen the trip you want to offer


We are at your disposal to check that the trip selected corresponds to the person to whom you wish to offer the stay: level of practice, length of the stages, difficulty of the terrain…

  • Contact us to let us know your choice.
  • We formalize the travel contract together (contract, payment of the trip, etc.)
  • We send you a gift voucher and you just have to offer it
  • The recipients of the present then contact directly L’Autre Chemin in order to define the departure
  • They travel thanks to you… And normally send you a little postcard or at least a selfie 😉 of their adventure

You have not chosen a particular trip

  • Determine the amount of the gift voucher you wish to offer and contact us
  • We send you a gift voucher to be used for the tour of your parents’, children’s, friends’ or colleagues’ choice… You just have to offer it
  • They then contact the agency directly to use this voucher to finance all or part of their tour
  • They travel thanks to you… And normally also send you a small postcard or at least a selfie 😉 of their adventure


Voucher gifts:

  • Are personal, they cannot be transferred, given or sold
  • Are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase
  • Cannot be returned, exchanged or extended
  • The departure is to be agreed with the users according to their wishes, availability of bicycles and accommodation