General conditions of sale

General Conditions of Sale

Dated March the 6th 2020

L’Autre Chemin is an EURL, with a capital of 10 000 €, the object of which is the organization and sale of travel and stays, it is registered at the RCS du Puy en Velay under the SIREN number: 825 397 004 and Register of Travel Operators under number: IM043170001

The head office is located: 5 rue Grangevieille – 43000 Le Puy-en-Velay

L’Autre Chemin’s financial guarantee is provided by Groupama and L’Autre Chemin has taken out professional indemnity insurance with Hiscox for € 1,500,000.


ARTICLE 1: PURPOSE AND SCOPE OF THE GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE (Article R211-5 and 8 of the Code of Tourism)

  • These general conditions govern the sales of voyages of the Other Way according to the articles of the Code of Tourism and in particular articles L.211-1 and following, and R.211-1.
  • The reservation of voyages of L’Autre Chemin the full acceptance without reserve of the customer of these general conditions of sale, which are deemed read and accepted after signing the contracts of sale.
  • The general conditions of sales are available on the website and prevail over any other document that may be available.
  • The exhaustive list of the services included in the tourist stay will be established on the order form.
  • The photos on the site and the brochures are only examples of accommodation for qualities of equal comfort. L’Autre Chemin manages reservations at on-demand hostels, which will only be confirmed once the pre-booking has been made via the website or by mail. The accommodations that appear on the website are hosts with whom L’Autre Chemin usually works, in case of non availability, L’Autre Chemin will offer you alternative solutions of the same level.


ARTICLE 2: ORDERING PROCESS (Article R11-3, 4, 5 and 6 of the Tourism Code)

The offers of travel and stays on the website of the Other Way will inform you before placing an order:

  • Itineraries
  • Themes
  • Type of accommodation
  • Fees and supplements

The information contained on the Other Way’s website may be modified at any time by L’Autre Chemin in compliance with the general conditions of sale.

Registration details :

  • Via the booking form of the website
  • By mail at:
  • By phone: +33 9 83 64 00 86


The online registration process is as follows:

The online registration process is as follows: 

  1. Select and indicate the number of people who will make the tour
  2. Fill in the reservation form and valid your form
  3. Pay 30% of the value of the selected travel by credit card.
  4. The bikes corresponding to the selected sizes and the selected stay are available on the requested date, the reservation will be confirmed and the travel contract will be addressed to the customer. The reservation will therefore be considered as final.
  5. L’Autre Chemin will send you a confirmation of your stay (depending on availability of accommodations and bikes if you choose a bike tour) by e-mail accompanied by the contract that will mention your itinerary, services and accommodations allocated to the stay.You will return a signed copy of the contract. This acceptance will entitle you to registration and binding you definitively (except for specific cancellation conditions).
  6. The balance of the trip will be paid 15 days before your departure by any means of payment at your convenience.
  7. Cancellation of reservation after the status “confirmed” – See Article 5

NOTA : In the case the bikes corresponding to the selected sizes and the chosen stay are not available on the requested date, L’Autre Chemin will propose a replacement solution within 24 hours after receipt of the customer’s email specifying the sizes of the participants. If this solution is not accepted by the customer, the reservation will be canceled and the sums received by L’Autre Chemin at the time of the reservation request would be entirely transferred by L’Autre Chemin to the customer by bank transfer.

Cancellation of reservation after confirmation – see Article 6


Article 3 : PRICES

Price description

  • The descriptions of the stays mention the price including taxes and the services included.
  • The photographs present on the site that they concern the accomodations and other services are presented as indicative and illustrative and can in no case engage the responsibility of the Other Way.
  • The services do not include transport to the starting point of the route, supplements, drinks, lunches, personal expenses, complementary activities and all services not indicated in the description unless you have validated specific options (type Pension, optional activities, visits).
  • Prices may change during the season and may result in supplements that will be indicated on the website and upon confirmation of booking.
  • A registration fee of 20 € / file must be paid at the time of registration, they will be mentioned in the contract.
  • The different taxes of stays are integrated in your package, you will not have to pay them to the host.
  • The renunciation of the initiative of the customer to certain services or services including the hiring of the bicycle or the helmet can not give rise to any refund

Method of payment

  • Payment of 30% of the total amount of the stay at the time of registration (including administrative fees and according to the chosen option cancellation insurance).
  • Balance of the trip: 15 days before the date of departure in case the registration takes less than 3 weeks of departure, the whole trip must be paid at the time of registration.

Failure to pay balance

In case of non-payment of the balance of the stay or the deposit of registration, the execution of the stay will be suspended. After a restart without follow-up, L’Autre Chemin will not be required to retain the availability. In the event that the stay is not paid in full within the time stipulated in the contract and after re-raising in consequence, the stay would in fact be canceled and the installments paid to L’Autre Chemin would be deemed to have been acquired and can not be No refund or issue of assets.

Means of payment

The Other Way accepts payment by credit card, check, holiday checks, bank transfer and cash within the limits allowed by law.



Non-citizens of the European Union must obtain information and information on administrative procedures (visas …) and health (vaccinations …) before registering and carrying out their journey.

If you are unable to complete the journey for non-compliance with administrative and health formalities, you remain solely responsible and, if necessary, the Other Road can under no circumstances be held responsible. Payments made will remain vested at L’Autre Chemin.



Before booking, the participant must make sure that his physical condition is adapted to the selected trip, L’Autre Chemin can offer advice in his choice. Some tours require good physical endurance and good cycling (Ex. Ultreïa). L’Autre Chemin can not be held responsible in case of physical insufficiency revealed especially during the journey.



Pursuant to Article L. 121-20-4 of the Consumer Code, the proposed services L’Autre Chemin are not subject to the right of withdrawal provided for in Articles L. 121-20 et seq. Of the Code Of retail consumption.

Modification or cancellation by the client (Article R211-6, 9, 10 and 11 of the Tourism Code)


Any request for cancellation or modification must be addressed to L’Autre Chemin by e-mail or by post. Below you will find the fee schedule for cancellation fees.

If you have opted for the Europ Assistance travel insurance offered by the Other Way, you will have to inform the insurance company (whose details appear on the contract) by letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Depending on the circumstances of cancellation contained in these clauses (or not) and according to the documents you provide, the date and circumstances giving rise to your cancellation will govern the acceptance of the refund of cancellation fees or No and any deductibles.


Schedule of cancellation fees:

  • From the day of booking to 31 days before departure: 15% of the price of the tour
  • From 30 to 15 days before departure: 30% of the price of the tour
  • Between 14 to 8 days before departure: 50% of the price of the tour
  • Less than 8 days before departure: 75% of the price of the tour
  • Less than 3 days before departure : 100% of the price of the tour.

Nota : In case of a bank transfer refund, bank fees may be applied.


Once the registration has been accepted and validated, you can ask for any changes to your stay. These modifications, if possible in agreement with the hosts, will result in the invoicing of a flat rate of 50 €/file, otherwise the initial stay will prevail. Requests for change of stay will not be taken into account no later than 15 days before the actual date of departure.


Partial cancellation of a reservation and assignment of the contract (Article R211-7 of the Tourism Code)

Should one or more participants initially foreseen for the contract cancel before departure, any additional costs related to the cancellation costs or the change of category (from double to single, for example) that will result from this will be borne by the Other participants. Participants participating in the trip will be advised of the amount of this cost and the reasons for it. In accordance with Article R.211-7 of the Tourism Code, you can replace the canceled traveler (s), free of charge, as soon as no titles have been published. In case of replacement of a traveler, it will be obligatory to inform L’Autre Chemin at least one week before the start of the trip by mail or postal mail of the identity of the substitute (s) . In the case of issue of registered shares, the conditions of Article 5.1 apply.

Modification and cancellation of the trip due to L’Autre Chemin (Article R211-9, 10 and 11 of the Tourism Code)

Before leaving

If, before departure, L’Autre Chemin is forced to make an important change (change of itineraries, dates …) in the services of your trip, L’Autre Chemin will notify you by mail or telephone and then mail In this case, you can choose two options:

  1. Cancel your contract and obtain without penalty the immediate repayment of the sums paid;
  2. Accept the modification or alternative trip proposed by L’Autre Chemin; An amendment to the contract specifying the changes made will then be signed. In this case, any reduction in price will be deducted from any sums still due by the buyer and, if the payment already made exceeds the price of the modified service, the overpayment will be refunded to you before the departure date.

You will then have to notify your decision (acceptance of the modification or cancellation) within a maximum of 7 days from receipt of the abovementioned information. If you do not reply within this period, the amendment will be deemed to have been accepted.

In the event that L’Autre Chemin is obliged to cancel the chosen stay, the organizer will offer you a replacement stay. If you do not wish to accept the replacement stay, L’Autre Chemin will reimburse you for the full amount paid with an indemnity equal to the penalty you would have incurred if the cancellation was the consequence Of your initiative on that same date. In no case shall the provisions of this Article preclude the conclusion of an amicable agreement for the acceptance by the purchaser of a journey or substitute stay proposed by the seller. Note: in the event of a cancellation imposed by events constituting force majeure (incidents or unpredictable and insurmountable events such as wars, political unrest, strikes, riots, exceptional climatic conditions, natural disasters …), the client will have the Choice between the postponement of his journey or the reimbursement of the sums paid without being entitled in this case to the payment of an indemnity.


After departure (Article R211-9 of the Tourism Code)

In the event that L’Autre Chemin is unable to provide a preponderant part of the services provided for in the contract representing a non-negligible percentage of the price honored by the buyer, L’Autre Chemin will immediately take the following steps without prejudice to Remedies for damages sustained:

  1. Propose alternatives to the services initially provided, possibly supporting any additional costs. In the event that the services accepted by the buyer are of quality or lower rates, L’Autre Chemin will reimburse you, upon your return, the difference of price.
  2. If L’Autre Chemin can not offer you any alternative service or if you refuse them for good cause, L’Autre Chemin will insure at no extra charge your return to your place of departure or another place accepted by you and L’Autre Chemin.

ARTICLE 7: Safety rules applicable to the practice of cycling (For bike trips)

Before booking your stay, you agree to be informed and agree to the following conditions:

  • Being fit and knowing how to ride a bike
  • Be able to locate on an IGN card
  • Observe at all times the safety rules relating to this activity and enacted by the Highway Code.
  • Make every effort to limit the risk of theft of the bicycle which is entrusted to you, in particular by using the locks placed at your disposal by L’Autre Chemin.
  • Use the helmets 
  • Be titular of a own personal liability insurance



The Other Way can not be held responsible:

  • Customer’s failure to comply with safety rules and traffic rules.
  • As a result of circumstances of force majeure, caused by third parties outside the performance of the contract or due to improper performance of the contract, for which the customer is responsible.
  • The performance of the services purchased on the spot by the customer and not provided for in the description, nor of the routes to the place of departure and from the place of arrival of the circuit.

Civil liability

In accordance with the regulations governing the profession of travel agent, L’Autre Chemin is insured in professional civil liability by the company Hiscox, up to € 1,500,000 per insurance year. However, the responsibility of L’Autre Chemin does not replace the individual civil liability that each participant must hold.



L’Autre Chemin proposes to its customers to subscribe to a multi-risk / cancellation insurance covering the risks related to your stay, in partnership with Europ Assistance. Before purchasing this insurance, we invite you to check that you do not otherwise benefit from these guarantees.

     This optional contract allows you to benefit from the following guarantees :

  • 24/7 repatriation assistance Medical expenses (up to € 150,000) Death benefit
  • Travel Assistance
  • Luggage insurance Death or disability insurance Cancellation of stay


ARTICLE 10: SECURITY (For bike trips with bike rental)

Before your stay, an inventory of the bicycle will be made, it will serve as a reference document of the state when it is returned. Before taking possession of the bike (s) a deposit will be required :

  • €1000 / e-bike
  • €500 / standard bike

This deposit can be deposited by check by bank loan and will not be cashed during the stay.

At the end of the trip, depending on the condition of the bike during the restitution, the deposit can be used to set the amount of the various technical interventions for the restoration of the bicycle or in full and completed to replace a bicycle completely destroyed, stolen Or lost.


ARTICLE 11 : TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE (For bike trips with bike rental)

Our bikes are all checked so that they are in perfect working order for the start of your trip. However, this does not prevent any unforeseen problems. We will provide you with a basic repair kit, which includes everything you need to repair a puncture. Repairing a puncture or slipped bike chain is very straightforward and almost anyone can do it. If the problem is more difficult to solve, you can call our hotline on +33 (0)9 83 64 00 86 and we will help you to find a solution as quickly as possible.

And what if an on-site intervention is required:

  1. If the technical incident is inherent to the bicycle itself (wear, defect, etc.), L’Autre Chemin will intervene without any charge to repair or replace the defective bicycle.
  2. If the technical incident is due to incorrect use of the bike (derailed chain, fall, puncture, etc.), L’Autre Chemin will intervene to provide technical assistance or change and  repatriate the bicycle. In this case, the on-site intervention will be charged € 50 when  it occurred in Haute-Loire and €1/km from the agency for assistance outside the department.

Note: Under no circumstances L’Autre Chemin can to transport people. If necessary, a taxi will be booked.

ARTICLE 12: MATERIAL DAMAGE (For bike trips with bike rental)

From the moment you take possession of the bike until you return to the Agency or take over the bicycle by L’Autre Chemin, you are entirely responsible for the bike and its condition.

During the return of the bike, a study of the condition of the bike will be carried out to determine the possible damage caused to the bike during the stay. In the event of damages, technical problems, damages related to your use or incurred (caused by a third party whether identified or not) during the stay, you agree unreservedly to take responsibility for any repairs relating to this damage. In the case of small interventions (broken pedals, saddle damaged …), the amount of expenses will be deducted from the deposit returned at the end of the stay. In the case of greater damage (damage to the engine, wheels, suspensions, frame, etc.), the balance of the deposit will be refunded to you after a quotation has been made by our service provider and less The cost of restoration.


In the event of theft or loss, the deposit will be fully retained by L’Autre Chemin and completed by the lessor at the level of the market value of the bicycle.

For information – Price of main parts: Battery: 600 € – Battery charger: 130 € – Giant Explore Bike E + 1 bike: 2300 € – Haibike child bike: 2200 €.


Right to retract

In accordance with article L.121-20-4 of the Consumer Code the customer does not have a right of withdrawal once the purchase order accepted by mail.

Any failure to perform the contract must be recorded on the spot, notified and justified as soon as possible in writing. The claim can not be subjective, but must relate exclusively to the contractual elements of the stay.

Any complaint must be addressed by any means allowing to obtain an acknowledgment of receipt within the maximum period of one month after the date of the return, to the following address: L’Autre Chemin – 8 Place de la Paix – 43700 Coubon –


L’Autre Chemin collects, in accordance with the law n ° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, personal data in the context of registrations.

The collection of these data allows L’Autre Chemin to manage customer requests and ensure the execution of past contracts. L’Autre Chemin may, for the purpose of the stay, be required to transmit this data to its providers (hoteliers, luggage transporter, etc.).

Customers have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete personal data (article 38 of the law of 8.01.1978 as amended) that L’Autre Chemin will collect.

To exercise your rights, please contact L’Autre Chemin – 8 place de la Paix – 43700 Coubon or by mail


Subject to the quality of the applicant, any dispute or dispute which has not been resolved amicably is the responsibility of the Commercial Court of Puy en Velay.