General conditions of sale

General Conditions of Sale
 October the 5th 2022

L’Autre Chemin is a society, with a capital of 10 000 €, the object of which is the organization and sale of travel and holidays,
The agency is registered at the RCS du Puy-en-Velay under the SIREN number: 825 397 004 and Register of Travel Operators under number: IM043170001
The agency L’Autre Chemin is a member of the Federation of Travel Companies and has, through it, the possibility of referral to the Tourism and travel Mediator
Number of VAT : FR66824397004
The financial guarantee for L’Autre Chemin is provided by Groupama (n° 4000715409/1) and L’Autre Chemin has taken out professional liability insurance with Groupama – Contract n° 431166120003 – 43116612T
The head office is located: 5 rue Grangevieille – 43000 Le Puy-en-Velay
L’Autre Chemin is a trademark registered with the INPI under the national number: 16 4 314 004
The agency is subject to VAT under the Intracommunity VAT number: FR66824397004
CNIL declaration number: 2039683 v 0
Trademark and logo registration made with the INPI under the national number: 16 4 314 004

ARTICLE 1: PURPOSE AND SCOPE OF THE GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE (Article R211-5 and 8 of the French Code of Tourism)

  • These general conditions govern the sales of voyages of L’AUTRE CHEMIN according to the articles of the French Code of Tourism and in particular articles L.211-1 and following, and R.211-1.
  • Booking L’Autre Chemin trips constitutes the customer’s full acceptance without reservation of these general conditions of sale. These conditions are deemed to have been read and accepted at the time of booking (presence on the website at the level of the booking module or accompanying the quote for other means of sale) and reminded on the travel contract.
  • The general conditions of sales are available on the website and prevail over any other document that may be available.
  • The exhaustive list of the services included in the tourist stay will be established on the order form.
  • The photos on the site and the brochures are only examples of accommodation for qualities of equal comfort. L’Autre Chemin manages reservations at on-demand hostels, which will only be confirmed once the pre-booking has been made via the website or by mail. The accommodations that appear on the website are hosts with whom L’Autre Chemin usually works, in case of non availability, L’Autre Chemin will offer you alternative solutions of the same level.

ARTICLE 2: ORDERING PROCESS (Article R11-3, 4, 5 and 6 of the Tourism Code)
The offers of travel and stays on the website of the Other Way will inform you before placing an order:

  • Itineraries
  • Themes
  • Type of accommodation
  • Fees and supplements

The information contained on L’Autre Chemin’s website may be modified at any time by L’Autre Chemin in compliance with the general conditions of sale.

Registration details :

The online registration process is as follows:

Select and indicate the number of people who will make the tour

  1. Fill in the reservation form and valid your form
  2. Pay 30% of the value of the selected travel by credit card.
  3. For a bike tour : When the bikes corresponding to the selected sizes and the selected stay are available on the selected date, the reservation will be confirmed and the travel contract covering the different stages of the travel will be sent to the customer. The reservation on the part of the customer will therefore be considered as final when the reservation is made.
  4. For a trek : After confirmation of the availability of the various stages on the requested date, the reservation will be confirmed and the travel contract covering the various stages of the stay will be sent to the customer. The reservation will therefore be considered final when the reservation is made. The selected stay is available on the requested date, the reservation will be confirmed and the travel contract will be sent to the customer. The reservation on the part of the customer will therefore be as final considered final when the reservation is made.
  5. The balance of the trip will be paid 3 weeks before your departure by any means of payment at your convenience.

In the case of :

  • bikes corresponding to the selected sizes (for a bike tour) are not available
  • the selected tour (for all travels) is not available on the requested date due to lack of accommodation or other services for the completion of the travel,

L’Autre Chemin will offer an alternative tour. If this new proposal is not accepted by the customer, the reservation will be canceled and the sums received by L’Autre Chemin for the booking will be refunded to the customer by bank transfer. For the cancellation of a reservation – see article 6The balance of the trip will be paid 15 days before your departure by any means of payment at your convenience.

Article 3 : PRICES
Article 3.1 : Price description
The descriptions of the stays mention the price including taxes and the services included.

Pictures presented on the site concerning accommodations and other services are presented as indicative and illustrative and can in no case engage the responsibility of L’Autre Chemin.

The services do not include transport to the starting point of the route, supplements, car parking, drinks, lunches, personal expenses, complementary activities and all services not indicated in the description unless you have chosen specific options (type Pension, optional activities, visits). Prices may change during the season and may result in supplements that will be indicated on the website and upon confirmation of booking. Registration fee of €10 / traveler must be paid at the time of registration, they will be mentioned in the contract.The different French holidays taxes are integrated in your package, you will not have to pay them to the host.

Article 3.2 Payment

  • Payment of 30% of the total amount of the stay at the time of registration (including administrative fees and according to the chosen option cancellation insurance).
  • Balance of the trip: 30 days before the date of departure in case the registration takes less than 30 days of departure, the whole trip must be paid at the time of registration.

Failure to pay balance
In case of non-payment of the balance of the stay or the deposit of registration, the execution of the stay will be suspended. After a restart without follow-up, L’Autre Chemin will not be required to retain the availability. In the event that the stay is not paid in full within the time stipulated in the contract and after re-raising in consequence, the stay would in fact be canceled and the installments paid to L’Autre Chemin would be deemed to have been acquired and cannot be refund or issue of assets.

Means of payment
L’Autre Chemin accepts payment by credit card, bank transfer and cash within the limits allowed by law.

Administrative and / or health formalities may be necessary for your trip. Before any registration you must check that you are in compliance with the administrative (identity documents, visas, etc.) and health requirements (vaccines, health pass and any other measure necessary for the smooth running of the stay known at the time of booking and at the time of booking. of the stay…) necessary. You can find the necessary information on the websites and

The inability to travel for non-compliance with administrative and / and health formalities remains your sole responsibility. The Other Way cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible. The payments made will remain acquired or owed to L’Autre Chemin according to the scale of cancellation fees presented in Article 7 of these general conditions of sale.

Before booking, travelers have to ensure that their physical condition is suitable for the selected trip. L’Autre Chemin can advise them on trips. Some routes require good physical endurance and certain skills, particularly in riding bikes. L’Autre Chemin cannot be held responsible in the event of physical insufficiency revealed in particular during the trip and could, if this were dangerous for himself or the other participants, ask the traveler not to continue the stay and this without his being able to dispute it.

Your trip is self-guided, that is to say without the supervision of a guide. You operate under your sole responsibility and in case of difficulty, you can contact the agency’s helpline, so the number appears in the travel log.
During your trip, you must:

  • Be able to find your way on a map and using the GPX track provided
  • Check the weather conditions to plan your travel day according to them
  • Program your travel times according to the length and difficulty of the day to reach your stages while respecting the time slots of the accommodation providers or the appointments for the shuttles.
  • Have adequate equipment for walking, cycling or any other scheduled activities
  • Have a personal insurance policy and possibly comprehensive cancellation insurance offered by L’Autre Chemin
  • Have a first aid kit to manage any injuries and a cell phone

The responsibility of the L’Autre Chemin agency cannot be engaged, in particular in the event of non-observance of one of the preceding conditions, in the event of an itinerary error or choice of another version, personal imprudence. or any other fact not attributable to L’Autre Chemin.

Pursuant to Article L. 121-20-4 of the Consumer Code, the proposed services L’Autre Chemin are not subject to the right of withdrawal provided for in Articles L. 121-20 et seq. Of the Code Of retail consumption.

Modification or cancellation by the client (Article R211-6, 9, 10 and 11 of the Tourism Code)

Article 7.1: Modification or cancellation by the customer – (Article R211-6, 9, 10 and 11 of the Tourism Code)


Before the trip: Any request for cancellation or modification must be sent to L’Autre Chemin by email or by post. The scale relating to cancellation fees presented below will apply according to the date of receipt of the email or postal mail. 

During the trip: In the event that the traveler wishes to interrupt his trip for any reason whatsoever (weather, physical conditions, weariness, family reasons, etc.), no refund will occur and the entire amount of the trip paid will remain acquired. agency L’Autre Chemin. In the event that the interruption of the trip would require the repatriation of the customers, this would be at the customers’ charge.

Partial cancellation of a reservation: Should one or more participants want to cancel there booking before departure, any additional costs related to the cancellation costs or the change of category (from double to single, for example) that will result from this will be borne by the other participants. They would then be informed of the amount of this cost and the reasons justifying it. In accordance with article R.211-7 of the Tourism Code, it is possible to replace free of charge the participant who has cancelled his trip, as long as no nominative title has been published. In case of replacement of a traveler, it would then be mandatory to notify L’Autre Chemin no later than fifteen days before the start of the trip by email or post of the identity of the replacement person(s). ).

Schedule of cancellation fees:

  • From booking till 30 days before departure: 30% of the price of the tour (first deposit)
  • From 29 to 16 days before departure: 50% of the price of the tour
  • 15 days before departure and during the trip: 100% of the price of the tour

In all cases, the administration fees will remain with L’Autre Chemin
Nota : For  a bank transfer refund, fees may be applied and supported by the customer.

Assignment of the travel contract

In accordance with article R.211-7 of the Tourism Code, the customer has the possibility of assigning your contract. For this, the transfer must take place before the start of its execution with a minimum notice period set at 7 days. The beneficiary of the transfer must meet the same conditions as the initial buyer to make the trip (dates of departure, circuit, type of rooms, documents required or physical and technical skills). The transferor and the transferee will be jointly and severally liable for the payment of the balance of the trip as well as the costs, fees or other additional costs incurred by this transfer, in particular in the event of the issue of registered tickets. Nota: registration fee (10€ / pers) will be applied to the new traveler (in particular the costs linked to the modification of the contract fixed at €50).

Changes to the travel contract

Once the registration has been accepted and validated, the customer may request any changes to his stay (except in the special cases described in the section below). These modifications, if they are possible in agreement with the various service providers concerned by the stay, will result in the invoicing of a flat rate of €50 / travel file. In the event that the requested modification is impossible, the initial stay will prevail.

Note: The cancellation of a service (or its non-performance) is not considered as a modification. This cancellation of service will be managed according to the schedule of cancellation fees specified above.

Special cases of contract modification

Downsizing the group of travelers is covered by the cancelation conditions for the person who cancels their trip (see cancellation fee schedule) and may incur costs for other participants (see partial cancellation section).

The modification of the departure date, the modification of which is subject to the rule described below. Like the other modifications, it will result in an invoicing of 50€ / file.

The modification of the departure date can be proposed only once* by meeting the following 3 conditions (*beyond, the modification would be considered as a cancellation and the cancellation fees would apply):

  1. That it is clearly formulated by email with a postponement date fixed and later than the initial date of travel and that it remains in the current season
  2. That it occurs more than 30 days before the originally scheduled departure date
  3. That the availability of the service providers necessary for the successful completion of the stay is effective for the new date chosen (Note: maintaining the accommodation initially provided for in the initial contract is not guaranteed for the new departure date and cannot constitute a substantial modification of the travel contract).

In the event that one of these conditions does not occur and the modification impossible, the terms of the initial contract will be maintained and will be governed by article 7 of the general conditions of sale of L’Autre Chemin and more particularly the scale of cancellation fees.

Special features of “gift vouchers”

In the case of a free stay without specific dates when booking. The dates of stay chosen later by travelers are subject to the availability of the service providers concerned. They must be declared to L’Autre Chemin as soon as possible so that the agency can make every effort to access the choice of dates selected. If necessary, L’Autre Chemin will offer other reception possibilities during the period of validity of the voucher. Important: The voucher is valid for 12 months and cannot be exchanged or extended.

Article 7.2. Modification and cancellation of the trip due to L’Autre Chemin (Article R211-9, 10 and 11 of the Tourism Code)
Before departure
If, before departure, L’Autre Chemin is forced to make an important change (change of itineraries, dates …) in the services of your trip, L’Autre Chemin will notify you by mail or telephone and then mail In this case, you can choose two options:

  1. Cancel your contract and obtain without penalty the immediate repayment of the sums paid;
  2. Accept the modification or alternative trip proposed by L’Autre Chemin; An amendment to the contract specifying the changes made will then be signed. In this case, any reduction in price will be deducted from any sums still due by the buyer and, if the payment already made exceeds the price of the modified service, the overpayment will be refunded to you before the departure date.

You will then have to notify your decision (acceptance of the modification or cancellation) within a maximum of 7 days from receipt of the abovementioned information. If you do not reply within this period, the amendment will be deemed to have been accepted.

In the event that L’Autre Chemin is obliged to cancel the chosen stay, the organizer will offer you a replacement stay. If you do not wish to accept the replacement stay, L’Autre Chemin will reimburse you for the full amount paid with an indemnity equal to the penalty you would have incurred if the cancellation was the consequence Of your initiative on that same date. In no case shall the provisions of this Article preclude the conclusion of an amicable agreement for the acceptance by the purchaser of a journey or substitute stay proposed by the seller. Note: in the event of a cancellation imposed by events constituting force majeure (incidents or unpredictable and insurmountable events such as wars, political unrest, strikes, riots, exceptional climatic conditions, natural disasters …), the client will have the Choice between the postponement of his journey or the reimbursement of the sums paid without being entitled in this case to the payment of an indemnity. 

After L’Autre Chemin has confirmed your trip to you and sent you the travel contract:
if the agency were to be obliged to cancel the chosen and confirmed stay chosen and confirmed by the agency after sending the travel contract, L’Autre Chemin would offer you a replacement stay. If you do not wish to accept the replacement stay, L’Autre Chemin will refund the total amount paid. In this case, as a compensation in the form of a credit equal to the penalty that you would have had to bear if the cancellation were the consequence of your initiative on the same date. The provisions of this article do not in any way preclude the conclusion of an amicable agreement having as its object the acceptance, by the buyer, of a substitute trip or stay offered by the seller.

IMPORTANT: in the event of a cancellation imposed by events constituting force majeure * (unforeseeable and insurmountable incidents or events such as wars, political unrest, pandemic, strikes, riots, exceptional weather conditions, natural disasters, etc.), the customer will have the choice to postpone his trip or to be refunded with no claim of any compensation

* force majeure is, according to Article 1218 of the Civil Code, an event preventing the performance of its obligation by the debtor and which is:

  • outside: No debitor’s control
  • unpredictable: it could not be reasonably foreseen when the contract was concluded
  • irresistible: its effects could not be avoided by the implementation of appropriate measures

 Covid 19 pandemic information: In the event that the Covid-19 pandemic results in either:

  • A new period of confinement in France or in your own country which would prevent your departure or your reception at the place of destination,
  • An administrative closure of accommodations, restaurants or other services necessary for the successful completion of your stay on the dates and destination for described in your travel contract,
  • The restriction of movement between your country, department, town of origin or in the place of destination

All these facts have to be officially pronounced by the French governement or your own state government

In those cases, L’Autre Chemin offers you two options:

  • Postpone your trip with no any surcharge to a later date with the same rates
  • Refund the amount paid for your reservation without being able to claim any compensation.

Note: The risk of confinement or limitation of movement cannot be a cause for the implementation of the process linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. For other cases of cancellation, article 6 of the general conditions of sale will apply.

After departure (Article R211-9 of the Tourism Code)
In the event that L’Autre Chemin is unable to provide a preponderant part of the services provided for in the contract representing a non-negligible percentage of the price honored by the buyer, L’Autre Chemin will immediately take the following steps without prejudice to Remedies for damages sustained:

  1. Propose alternatives to the services initially provided, possibly supporting any additional costs. In the event that the services accepted by the buyer are of quality or lower rates, L’Autre Chemin will reimburse you, upon your return, the difference of price.
  2. If L’Autre Chemin can not offer you any alternative service or if you refuse them for good cause, L’Autre Chemin will insure at no extra charge your return to your place of departure or another place accepted by you and L’Autre Chemin.

The Other Way cannot be held responsible:

  • Customer’s failure to comply with safety rules and traffic rules.
  • As a result of circumstances of force majeure, caused by third parties outside the performance of the contract or due to improper performance of the contract, for which the customer is responsible.
  • The performance of the services purchased on the spot by the customer and not provided for in the description, nor of the routes to the place of departure and from the place of arrival of the circuit.

Civil liability
In accordance with the regulations governing the profession of travel agent, L’Autre Chemin is insured in professional civil liability by the company Groupama. However, the responsibility of L’Autre Chemin does not replace the individual civil liability that each participant must hold.

L’Autre Chemin cannot propose any insurance for foreign travelers. We invite you to subscribe a personal insurance before your trip. 


Article 10.1: Aptitudes & physical conditions Before booking your stay, you recognize that you have been informed and accept the following conditions:

  • Be suitable for cycling and know how to ride a bike according to the difficulty presented in the description of the stay (Website)
  • Be able to carry out minimal repairs (punctures, derailed or broken chain)
  • Be able to locate oneself on an IGN type map
  • Respect at all times the safety rules relating to this activity and enacted by the Highway Code.
  • Make every effort to limit the risk of theft of the bike entrusted to you, in particular by using the anti-theft devices provided by L’Autre Chemin.
  • Use the helmets provided by L’Autre Chemin
  • Be the holder of personal liability insurance

Article 10.2 : Technical assistance – In the case of a cycling holiday with bike rental from L’Autre Chemin
L’Autre Chemin’s bikes are all checked and in perfect working order before the start, however, this precaution does not remove the risk of a possible problem. You therefore leave with a light repair kit including the material to change an inner tube. Our hotline: 09 83 64 00 86 is at your disposal every day of your trip from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. to help you repair a small technical problem or to provide you with advice.

Technical problems occurring on the bikes from the agency L’Autre Chemin:

In the event of an incident inherent to the agency’s bicycle without a specific cause related to the use of the bicycle, a fall, a deterioration such as: a motor fault, battery fault, connection fault, brake system,…, L’Autre Chemin will intervene or have a technician intervene free of charge to repair or replace the defective bicycle.

In the event of an incident on the agency’s bikes related to use, deterioration, fall.

The bikes of L’Autre Chemin are checked and in perfect working order before departure, however, this precaution does not eliminate the risk of possible problems. By booking a trip with the L’Autre Chemin agency, you must be able to manage any technical problems. You therefore leave with a repair kit including an inner tube, tire lever, a small tool kit and a quick-release link (indeed, the chains of electric bikes are subject to very high tensions and can break more regularly than unassisted bicycles). Even if these are interventions within everyone’s reach, we remain at your disposal to help you by calling the hotline 09 83 64 00 86 or directing you to a bike professional (if possible).

In the event of a more serious problem (blowout tire, broken wheel, damaged fork, broken derailleur, broken electronic mode selector, broken brakes…), we will look for repair possibilities on your route. In the event that L’Autre Chemin had to travel, this intervention would then be invoiced at 1€/km from the agency (A/R) and to the place of assistance (on motorable roads – with a minimum flat rate of 50€). 
Note: In the event of a completely discharged battery, no movement is planned.

Technical issues occurring on your personal bike: All of our tours can be done with a personal bike. However, the bicycles used must be checked before departure (brakes, chains, derailleur, steering, fork) in order to guarantee optimal reliability during the stay. Bikes must be suitable for the routes offered by L’Autre Chemin (mini 400w battery, suitable tires, city bikes not allowed). In the event of a breakdown, you must be able to repair it. You obviously have telephone assistance (hotline: 09 83 64 00 86), we will do everything we can to help you in the process, guide you to a repairer or to find a possible logistical solution (taxi, etc.). 

Article 10.3: Material damage & theft caused to L’Autre Chemin’s bicycles during a tour excluding Corsica, Vendée, Canal du Midi, French Antilles and all bicycle rental via a partner agency (Chat with Stevenson for example)
For L’Autre Chemin bikes taken directly from the agency : From the moment you take possession of the bike until it returns to the Agency, you are fully responsible for the bike , his safety and his condition. As such, you agree to bear all of the costs relating to damage occurring during your stay or even the replacement of the bike in the event of complete destruction, loss or theft of the bike when the circumstances are not provided for in the insurance contract for damage, breakage, theft included with the provision of bicycles. The exclusions are shown below. When the damage caused to the bicycle or the theft of the latter come under the conditions of coverage of the insurance, the tenant will pay the deductible fixed at 10% of the amount of the repair costs (parts & labor ) or the price of the bike (market value) in the event of theft or total destruction. In all cases, the minimum amount of the excess is set at € 30, the maximum at € 310 / damaged, lost or stolen bike.

Note: This guarantee does not apply for stays which do not depart from Puy-en-Velay and where the bike rental is subcontracted (Corsica, Vendée, Loire, Reunion, etc.) or when you travel with your bicycle.

This insurance guarantees:

  • Damages caused to the bike during your stay, whether repairable or irreparable – In the event of breakage, you contact within the next 24h the L’Autre Chemin agency during the day and we will ask you to give us the circumstances of the breakage and 3 photos of the damage caused (exclusions specified below).
  • The theft of bicycle either by assault or break-in. In the event of theft, you contact within the next 24h the L’Autre Chemin agency during the day and we will ask you to send us the complaint and give us the key to the lock (exclusions specified below).

Note: In the event of failure to comply with the deadline for declaring a claim and if the agency or its insurer proves that this delay caused him damage, the customer will not benefit from the Guarantee (article L 113-2 of the Insurance Code ).

What is not guaranteed:

  • Damage caused intentionally or with your complicity
  • Theft of which a member of your family or a close relative would be author or accomplice
  • Theft of the bike if not secured by an anti-theft device (delivered by L’Autre Chemin) to a fixed attachment point
  • Non-fixed bicycle accessories: pumps, GPS, bags, helmets, battery charger, etc.
  • Punctures, broken chain, tires

Deductible insurance: In the event of theft or irreparable damage, the deductible is set at € 310 / bike destroyed, lost or stolen (excluding the exclusions specified below). In the event of repairable damage, the deductible is set at 10% of the amount of the repairs with a minimum flat rate of € 30 (excluding the exclusions specified below)

Note: The insurance does not exclude the security deposit before your departure. The security deposit is set at 1000 € / electric bike and 500 € / bike. in the event of damage or theft, the excess will be taken from the security deposit. The security deposit will cover all the cases of exclusion from the insurance indicated below.

Common breakage & theft exclusions:

  • Claims related to professional uses of transporting people or goods
  • Damage and theft occurring in the absence of a hazard
  • Damage or indirect losses suffered by the insured during or following a claim
  • The intentional or deceptive act of any person other than a third party
  • Damage and theft occurring in the absence of a hazard Claims arising from negligence civil liability of the insured
  • The original non-fixed accessories (speedometer, lighting system, bicycle pump, water container and saddlebags)
  • Acts of war or civil war, riots, internal disturbances, acts of violence for political reasons, terrorist attacks or acts, strikes, expropriations or interventions assimilated to expropriation, seizures, natural disasters or nuclear energy. Note: any insured person appearing in any official, government or police database of persons proven or suspected of being terrorists, any insured member of a terrorist organization, drug trafficker, involved as a supplier in trade, is always excluded from the benefit of the cover. illegal nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

The following are excluded from the theft cover:

  • Theft other than theft by assault or break-in
  • Theft by breaking and entering on the public highway of the property not attached by an anti-theft device to a fixed attachment point;

The following are excluded from the breakage guarantee:

  • Resulting from a modification or transformation of the bike
  • Resulting from a puncture Linked to the battery failure of electric bikes
  • As a result of fire, natural disaster, falling lightning, or freezing
  • Occurred during events, races, competitions
  • Under one of the legal guarantees incumbent on the manufacturer or the distributor
  • Resulting from non-compliance with the use and maintenance instructions contained in the manufacturer’s manual
  • Resulting from a case of serious misconduct: driving the insured bicycle in a state of alcoholic intoxication punishable by law, driving the insured bicycle under the influence of drugs or narcotic products Cosmetic, discoloration, pitting, stains, scratches, chips, chips, dents, swelling or graffiti

When returning the bike, a study of the condition of the bike will be carried out to determine any damage to the bike during the stay: In the event that the damage falls within the scope of the damage, breakage or theft guarantee, the amount of the corresponding excess will then be deducted from the deposit. In the event that damage is excluded from the damage, breakage or theft cover, the amount of the repair costs will then be deducted from the deposit.

During the return of the bike, a study of the condition of the bike will be carried out to determine the possible damage caused to the bike during the stay :

  • In the event that the damage falls within the scope of the guarantee, breakage or theft guarantee, the amount of the corresponding excess will then be deducted from the deposit.
  • In the event that damage is excluded from the damage, breakage or theft cover, the amount of the repair costs will then be deducted from the deposit. In the event of significant damage (damage to the engine, wheels, suspensions, frame, etc.), the balance of the deposit will be returned to you after the completion of an estimate made by our bicycle dealer and reduced by the amount of the repair costs. The amount of the deposit may be supplemented up to the cost of repairing or up to the market value of the bike by the customer in the event of a total degradation of the bike being excluded from the scope of the warranty, or a theft the conditions of which are excluded from the framework of the insurance, or loss of bicycle (in particular for non paying attention to the bike security).

Fares of repairs and accessories

  • Bike components: Saddle: € 27 – set of pedals: € 25 – comfort handles: € 27, handlebar: € 29, wheel axle: € 25, crutch: € 20, RST fork Steering wheel: € 210, cranks: € 45, rear derailleur: € 70, front derailleur: € 40, cassette: € 45, brake disc: € 50, brake lever: € 30, brake shoe: € 30, engine shoe: € 25, double chainring: € 65, single chainring: € 55, broken spoke: € 25, wheel unveiling: € 20, tire: € 25, rim: € 150, front lighting: € 35, rear lighting: € 30, anti-theft device: € 30, anti-theft key : 5 €, luggage rack: 80 €.
  • Bicycle electronics: Energy Battery Pack: 700 €, battery charger: 150 €, bicycle motor: 450 €, digital console: 175 €, control command: 30 €, battery key: 20 €, broken lock: 20 €.
  • Accessories: Garmin GPS: € 200, Southeast Garmin v5 pro topo: € 150, 20 liter bag: € 29 / unit, hand pump: € 16, tool kit: € 5, chain tool: € 10


Most of the trips offered by L’Autre Chemin include a solution for transporting luggage from stage to stage, with a single bag weighing maximum 13kg / bag. L’Autre Chemin Agency cannot be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage to luggage or personal effects during the trip. Note: In the event of damage to baggage during baggage transport, you will be asked for: the invoice for the purchase of your baggage, the damaged baggage, the replacement invoice identical to your baggage. Tip: In order to limit the risk of damage, we suggest that you use flexible, non-fragile and low-value luggage.

Exceeding the baggage weight or number of bags:

In the event that the number of pieces of luggage transported is greater than that planned (1 piece of luggage / person), costs would be automatically billed up to:

  • For hike tours: + 10 € / stage and per additional piece of luggage
  • For bike tours: + 20 € / stage and per additional piece of luggage

In the event that one or more pieces of luggage exceeds the authorized weight (13kg), you should compose an additional bag to eliminate the excess and in this case, the charges for additional bags described above would apply.

Tip: In order to limit the risk of damage, we suggest that you use flexible, non-fragile and low-value luggage.

12.1Right to retract
In accordance with article L.121-20-4 of the Consumer Code the customer does not have a right of withdrawal once the purchase order accepted by mail.

12.2. Claim during your trip (Article R211-6 French Tourism Code)
If you notice, during your tour, a failure of your tour as regards to your contract, we invite to refer to the agency with the hotline or by email . The non-compliance of the execution must be noted on site, reported and justified as soon as possible, in writing. The complaint will relate exclusively to the contractual elements of the stay. Any complaint must be sent by any means allowing an acknowledgment of receipt to be obtained within a maximum period of one month after the date of return, to the following address: L’Autre Chemin – 5 rue Grangevieille – 43000 Le Puy- en-Velay – 

12.3 After your trip
You will be able to submit a complaint about the conditions for your trip in writing: L’Autre Chemin – 5 rue Grangevieille – 43000 Le Puy-en-Velay as soon as possible after your return from your trip. If the response to your complaint, at the latest within 60 days of sending your letter, does not seem satisfactory to you, you will have the option of contacting the Tourism and Travel Mediator at the following address: MTV Médiation Tourisme et Voyage – BP 80303 – 75823 Paris Cedex 17 or on the website

Subject to the quality of the applicant, any dispute or dispute which has not been resolved amicably is the responsibility of the Commercial Court of Puy en Velay.

L’Autre Chemin collects, in accordance with Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to computers, files and freedoms, personal data as part of registrations. Collecting this data allows L’Autre Chemin to manage customer requests and ensure the execution of contracts. L’Autre Chemin may, for the needs of the stay, be required to transmit this data to its service providers (hoteliers, luggage carrier, etc.).

Use and access to your personal data
The data is used by L’AUTRE CHEMIN when you have booked a stay or a rental where you voluntarily subscribed to our newsletter listing. At any time, you can access your data, request their modification or their removal from our lists on simple request: The data held by the agency is only accessible by the director of the agency and possibly his employees. Only your telephone numbers are sent to hosts and carriers for logistical and security reasons. Under no circumstances will your data be sold, transmitted or ceded to a third party in France or abroad.

Data retention
Data held for a maximum of 5 years after signing a rental contract, sale of a stay or after subscribing to the newsletter mailing list.

Data security
The personal data held by L’Autre Chemin is secured as follows.

  • Digital datas: Stored on a computer with password access known to the manager and his potential employees. Data backup is performed on an external hard drive which is secure just like paper data.
  • Print datas: Usually these are rental or rental contracts. the files are stored within the company located at 5 rue Grangevieille – 43000 Le Puy-en-Velay. They are therefore stored in a room secured by a key and equipped with an alarm with call transfer in the event of an intrusion.

Your rights
Access to your data
You have the following rights:

  • Access and information: You can request information about the data that we have stored and that we may need to use. We are at your entire disposal to answer any questions you may have.
  • Right to deletion: As provided by law, at any time you can ask us to delete your personal data.
  • Right of rectification: You can also request to rectify and / or complete your personal data if you believe that the ones we are processing are inaccurate or incomplete.
  • Communication of data: You have the right to request the file of your personal data.
  • Withdrawal of consent: You can withdraw your consent at any time. This approach does not affect the legitimacy of the processing before this withdrawal. If you wish to intervene on any of the aforementioned rights and / or for any other questions, complaints and / or any other comments, please contact us.

In addition to the above provisions, we may use cookies or equivalent when visiting our website.

The sites use the following cookies:

  • Functional cookies: These cookies can store the name of your browser, the type of computer and technical information about your means of connection to our sites, such as the operating system and the Internet service providers used and other similar information. . This information is used to technically facilitate navigation and use of the sites. Functional cookies can also be used to save personal settings, such as language, or to remind you of your order information on subsequent visits if you request them.
  • Analytical cookies: Our site also uses analytical cookies allowing us to use Google Analytics to perform statistics on traffic, origin of connections, the most frequently used pages and methods of accessing our website: intuitive search, digital campaign sponsored, social networks, referring sites …

To exercise your rights, please contact L’Autre Chemin – 5 rue Grangevieille – 43000 Le Puy-en-Velay (France) or by mail

L’Autre Chemin may modify or update its conditions of sale at any time and without notice. The version of terms & conditions of sale which prevails over any other is the version presented on the site during your reservation, a copy of which you will find attached to the travel contract.