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A chat with Sir Stevenson

Basing this ride loosely on the Stevenson Trail – an incredible journey undertaken by writer Robert Louis Stevenson on his donkey Modestine – we have adapted the Scot’s route to make a fantastic itinerary for an electric bike. This trip could also have been called the “Cévenole Hills” because the Scottish writer loved travelling through the undulating Cévennes national park.

Cycle through the countryside, completely immersed in the natural and cultural riches of the Haute-Loire, Lozère and Gard as you criss-cross the River Loire, Allier, Lot, Tarn and Gardon. A condensed trip reserved for cyclists with strong thighs!  

A chat with Sir Stevenson” is a long-distance trip that requires the rider to be competent at fixing any minor mechanical problems themselves (puncture, slipped bike chain) and have a proficient cycling ability (pedalling in a standing position and tackling some challenging trails).  

The itinerary has plenty of uphill and downhill stretches, a mixture of long uphill climbs followed by steep descents that are made bearable thanks to the breathtaking scenery! See more

Ultréïa, Saint-James way

Ultreïa is an expression of joy of the Middle Ages, mainly related to the pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostela. This greeting of the pilgrims of Santiago de Compostela means: to go further and higher. It is the expression of physical and spiritual overcoming.

L’Autre Chemin offers the emblematic route from Le Puy-en-Velay, the Saint-James way of Santiago de Compostela! A real immersion in the universe of the pilgrimage with quality stops selected by L’Autre Chemin. Because we have personally spotted the route, we propose to ride as close as possible to the “Chemin” but also sometimes on small roads when it becomes too complicated for a “rider pilgrim”.

An e-bike tour in the heart of nature from Le Puy-en-VelayHaute-Loire to Conques Aveyron. Your tour will pass through the plateaus of Margueride and Aubrac but also the Lot Valley(where we suggest 2 routes : The authentic way to follow the Compostela route or The Lot valley route to join Conques following the river…). See more

Le Puy and a lake

In partnership with the Office of Tourism of Puy-en-velay.


A week-end to discover The city of Puy-en-Velay and its full stories, monuments, secret streets. During this weekend, you will also ride electric bikes to one of the most emblematic places of the Haute-Loire, the Volcanic Lake of Bouchet, a jewel where it is good to take time and why not bathe … More …