To prepare your trek

Tips and advice for your trek


L’Autre Chemin offers hiking stays & trips on emblematic paths such as the Chemin de Saint-Jacques, the Chemin de Stevenson and Saint-Régis… You will also find an offer of all-season hikes accompanied by professionals in the field. hiking, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.


The marking

The GR marking is materialized by a red line & a white line.
With your travel file, we send you the GPX file of the track which can, if you wish, be integrated on your smartphone after downloading a free application such as Openrunner or GPX viewer. L’Autre Chemin can also offer you the rental of a GPS containing the route

Your luggage

L’Autre Chemin offers you the transport of your luggage so that you can enjoy your hike with a light mind and back. You only carry your day backpack. They will be picked up by courier in the morning and delivered directly to your next stop. Important: The bags must be available every day at 8 a.m. and must not exceed a weight limit of 13 kg. All luggage must be tagged with the name of the reservation file in a visible manner.


L’Autre Chemin offers stays combining discovery and comfort!

All your receptions are reserved in half board for you. You will be accommodated in your own room, your bedding will have duvets or sheets and blankets. Except in very special cases (especially very short guided hikes), we do not offer any overnight stays in dormitories. To avoid burdening you, you will also find towels in your room.

Note: Generally, accommodations are not received before 4-4.30 p.m.




  • They will be your faithful allies during your journey.

  • They should be comfortable and fit your foot. It is important that they hold your ankles well and protect you from possible humidity. If you already have your shoes, they must be in good condition (remember to check your laces).

  • If you are traveling with new shoes, it is important to use them before you leave for the loosen up and “make” them fit your foot.

  • They are to be combined with suitable socks to avoid any overheating linked to walking. Also bring a pair of flip flops or sandals to walk around the lodge or around after the walk.



Of course, we find the basics T-shirts, shirts, shorts, pants… Pairs of socks suitable for walking… But even in summer, it is imperative to leave with warm clothing, a cut-out jacket. wind and waterproof. Choose clothes that offer good freedom of movement.
Adopt the 3-layer reflex:

1 breathable first layer

1 fleece-type thermal intermediate layer in case of cool or cold

1 windproof outer layer in case of rain or wind

You can also complete this triptych with a rain cape which can be useful in the event of heavy rain or thunderstorms.
Also think about the sun and bring a hat or cap, a swimsuit and a pair of sunglasses.


It all depends on whether your luggage is transported at each stage!

If you have chosen the option with luggage transport
Plan a day backpack to carry your picnic, water bottle, waterproof jacket, warm clothing in case and a first aid kit. Opt for a strong and light backpack with a capacity adapted to what you want to carry every day.

If you carry your luggage
Opt for a solid and comfortable backpack with a capacity of about 50 liters (The bag should not be stuffed to the maximum, otherwise remove equipment or opt for a larger bag). It is advisable to choose a waterproof bag or accompany it with a very useful over-bag in case of rain or storm!

An option that increases comfort: access through the bottom of the bag that will give you easier access to all your belongings.

Pay attention to the weight which may seem reasonable for 20 minutes but which will become less so after 3 hours of walking!

Your backpack must have a belt to carry the weight of the bag on the pelvis, but also a chest strap and a load reminder. The straps must be comfortable to avoid overheating linked to hiking.

At your convenience ! They offer help on the climbs with in particular a significant transfer of effort and on the descents, they allow you to have a sure step. However, they can sometimes be cumbersome… The choice is yours!


Imperative! Better to warn. It must contain, in particular, dressings, an antiseptic, an “elastoplast” band, analgesic tablets (aspirin or paracetamol type), sunscreen, lip stick and foot care cream, a survival blanket, possibly an aspi- venom, ….

True element of survival because on your way you will sweat and it can get very hot!

Even if generally you will find water points quite regularly along your route, it is imperative to carry a gourd or two gourds depending on the capacity to have 1.5 liters of water on you. You can choose a metal bottle with a screw cap or a water bladder according to your preference.

It is useful to leave with a phone and its recharge. If it allows you to give news to your loved ones, it is also an important security tool – N° Secours & Emergencies: 112. If you have a smartphone, you can also load the route map to find your way around easily .


You will travel on long-distance hiking trails which for some can offer significant elevation changes such as the Stevenson Trail for example.

To make your trip on foot a real pleasure, it is best to prepare for walking before leaving with regular exercise which can also allow you to prepare your new shoes!

A word of advice: Anticipate your preparation in order to make it regular. There is no point in wanting to prepare at the last moment by forcing your preparation. With this brutal method you will arrive tired for your trip but not more resistant!