A chat with sir Stevenson – The Stevenson bike tour

A chat with sir Stevenson – The Stevenson bike tour 8 days
From 970 € *
  • Duration: 8 days
  • Distance: 275km
  • Level: Athletic

Basing this ride loosely on the Stevenson Trail – an incredible journey undertaken by writer Robert Louis Stevenson on his donkey Modestine – we have adapted the Scot’s route to make a fantastic itinerary for an electric bike. This trip could also have been called the “Cévenole Hills” because the Scottish writer loved travelling through the undulating Cévennes national park.

Cycle through the countryside, completely immersed in the natural and cultural riches of the Haute-Loire, Lozère and Gard as you criss-cross the River Loire, Allier, Lot, Tarn and Gardon. A condensed trip reserved for cyclists with strong thighs!  

A chat with Sir Stevenson” is a long-distance trip that requires the rider to be competent at fixing any minor mechanical problems themselves (puncture, slipped bike chain) and have a proficient cycling ability (pedalling in a standing position and tackling some challenging trails).  

The itinerary has plenty of uphill and downhill stretches, a mixture of long uphill climbs followed by steep descents that are made bearable thanks to the breathtaking scenery!

    • Expert tour with significant drop : +5275m – Country roads and paths (some hard trails)
    • Family tour : Children from ages of 15 (according to cycle ability)
    • Price (per person, on a basis of 2 people sharing)
      • Guesthouses & 2 or 3* hotels
A Chat with Sir Stevenson Fares

Your bike tour including:
Accommodation with half-board basis (except in Le Puy on B&B basis)
A digital guiding solution
The journey back and bike return in minibus
Luggage transfer (1 bag maxi 13kg / pax)
Phone Assistance

€980/ pax
E-bike mental + 2 panniers + bike insurance +€220 / bike
Trekking bike + 2 panniers + bike insurance +140 / bike
Single room  +€220

*Your stay in Le Puy is booked on the bed & breakfast option
Agency fees : €10 / pax
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Advantages of going on an electric bike tour with L’Autre Chemin:

  • You travel self-guided and follow a specially-planned route with short stages so that you can make the most of your time in the Haute-Loire.
  • With extra : We provide modern electric bikes that are both comfortable and easy to ride. 
  • Your stopovers are in guesthouses or family-friendly hotels, providing a comfortable and authentic base from which you can discover the local area and enjoy a real change of scenery.
  • Your luggage is transferred to each stopover (1 bag maxi 13kg / pax).
  • Your journey back (with your bike) to Le Puy-en-Velay
  • Day after day

    Please note that every stopover is given as an indication and may be modified according to the availability of accommodation 


    A nice opportunity to discover the ancient town an the European capital of Saint-James way.

    To discover :

    A faire, à voir :
    > The Cathedral starting point of the Saint-James way
    > Notre-Dame de France
    > The Saint-Michel chapel
    > Crozatier museum
    > the secret streets of the old town
    > The castle of Polignac
    > During summer, the light show Puy de Lumières
    > The immersive Show Hôtel e Lumières
    > The Immersive show Terres de Géant

    Day 2 : LE PUY-EN-VELAY - MASCLAUX -44KM - D+960M

    Revel in the joy of pedalling effort-free through the forest before joining the country lanes of the Haute-Loire. This trip is perfumed by broom shrubs and fresh Haute-Loire air, with basalt columns, forests, volcanos and the Loire gorges as a backdrop.
    Ride along Robert Louis Stevenson Trail to the village of Monastier-sur-Gazeille, made famous by the Scottish writer. Make your way towards the Loire Gorges, to the village of Goudet on the banks of the Loire, before pedalling back up to the Devès plateaus.

    To discover:
    • Le Monastier sur Gazeille
    > Saint Chaffre Abbey
    > St Jean Baptiste Church
    > Fontains
    > Croyances populaires museum
    > School museum
    > Cultural European hall (exhibitions)
    > La Recoumène bridge
    > Bunjee jump> L’Abbaye de Saint Chaffre qui mélange Roman et Gothique.

    • Saint-Martin-de-Fugères
    > The Church

    • Goudet
    > The village
    > The tower bell of the church
    > The Beaufort castle standing over the Loire
    > Beaches (be careful, swimming is not supervised)
    > The walk along the Loire on the small trail

    Day 3 : MASCLAUX- Cheylard l'Evêque or Chaudeyrac- 55KM - D+ 1040M

    You will need courage today to climb the heights of the Gorges de la Loire to find the Bouchet-Saint-Nicolas and its famous volcanic lake then Landos, Pradelles (labeled the most beautiful villages in France) before leaving the Haute- Loire to win Langogne. A day on the way to Stevenson ..

    To discover :

    • le Bouchet-Saint-Nicolas
    > The volcanic lake

    • Landos
    > The St Félix church
    > The Ribains swamp

    • Arquejols
    > Viaduc
    > Jagonas castle

    • Pradelles
    > One of the most beautiful village of France
    > Rail biking of Pradelles
    > The net-gothic church
    > Water leisure center
    > The panorama on the Gévaudan

    • Langogne
    > The lake of Naussac and its nautical activities
    > The Calquières spinning
    > Sacred art museum

    • Saint-Flour-de-Mercoire
    > The forest
    > The small church
    > Le Ron de la Baoune -Grantici chaos
    > Stevenson fir tree

    Day 4 : Cheylard l'Evêque or Chaudeyrac- CHASSERADÈS - 46KM - D+1050M

    Now it’s time to get down to business, with some steep uphill and downhill stretches! To distract yourself from the effort, drink in the stunning scenery of the Gévaudan, including the Mercoire forest and the Château de Luc. Immerse yourself in the natural surroundings as you catch your first glimpse of the Allier River!

    To discover :
    • Cheylard-l'Evèque
    > Notre Dame of all Graces

    • Luc
    > The ruins of the medieval castle
    > The first meanders of l'Allier

    • Chasseradès
    > The Saint-Blaise Church

    Day 5 : CHASSERADÈS - Pont de Montvert - 44KM - D+970M

    Today get seduced by the beauty of the landscapes offered by Gévaudan ... The Château de Luc ... You ride in communion with the full nature that surrounds you and discover the first very first meanders of the Allier! Soon you will climb towards the Abbey of Notre-Dame des Neiges then on the Gardille mountain.

    To discover :
    • Mirandol
    > The viaduct

    • Le Bleymard
    > Le Lot
    > The Saint-Jean Chapel
    > Roofs made of Tournel lauzes
    > The Lozère Mount
    > Le Lot

    • Finiels
    > The granitic blocks
    > The view on the Cévennes
    > Local architecture

    • Pont de Montvert
    > The Tarn valley
    > The house of the Mont-Lozère
    > The little road to l'Hermet

    Day 6 : Pont de Montvert - St-Julien d'Arpaon - 37km - D+535m

    From Pont de Montvert, go up on a road which offers you a gorgeous landscape on pure nature to reach the Col du Sapet, its stone planted to find the Chemin which now offers you a magnificent descent into the forest to reach Bédouès. You keep on the path to reach Florac, city of water and stones ...

    You then drive in the company of the Mimente which offers you magnificent views of these beautiful basins of fresh and translucent water to reach Cassagnas.

    To discover :
    • Le Col du Sapet
    > The incredible view

    • Bédouès
    > The church

    • Florac
    > A waters crossroads : Le Tarn, Le Tarnon, la Mimente et le Pêcher
    > The house of the Cévennes park located in the castle
    > The small streets

    Day 7 : St-Julien d'Arpaon - SAINT-JEAN-DU-GARD - 49KM- D+ 720M

    Ride along the banks of the Mimente, which opens out into beautiful basins of crystal clear, fresh water, until you reach Cassagnas. Now, following Stevenson’s footsteps, the trail winds up through a magnificent forest to the summit of the mountain before diving down into the fragrant landscapes that are characteristic of the South of France.
    You reach Saint-Jean du Gard following the banks of the Mimente river and the hill crests which offer a gorgeous scenery and dense forest full of chestnuts trees. Breathe the south of France flavours, you reach the Gard Départment.

    To discover :
    • Saint-Julien d'Arpaon
    > The cool and beautiful Miment valley
    > The remains of the XIIIrd century Castle
    >The chestnut forest

    • Between Cassagnas et Saint-Germain la Calberte
    > The ruins of a gallo-roman villa
    > The scenic view

    • Saint-Germain la Calberte
    > Chestnuts
    > The XIst Century castle
    > The Saint-Germain Church
    > The statue of l'Homme cévenol

    • Saint-Etienne Vallée Française
    > The village
    > The church
    > The castle of Cambiaire
    > The fresh swimming in le Martinet

    • Saint-Jean du Gard
    > The old-bridge
    > The clock tower
    > The Saint-Jean-Castle
    > The Maison Rouge spinning and its horse-shoe stairs
    > The Stevenson fount
    > The steam train

    Day 8 : Back to Le Puy-en-Velay

    You, your luggage and your bike will be taken in front of the Office of Tourism for your return to the agency L'Autre Chemin.

  • Extras & services

    As an optional extra, L’Autre Chemin offers:

    You want to rent a bike

    • Rental of hybrid bikes with 2 panniers + bike insurance : + €220 / bike
    • Rental of trekking bikes without assistance + bike insurance : +140€ / bike

    If you plan to travel with your bike, please make sure of certain points:

    If it is an electrically assisted bicycle, the battery must have a minimum power of 400 watts. Attention: the battery must be removable, if this is not the case, please contact us to check the possibilities of reception.
    It is imperative that it be in perfect working order before departure. Consider getting it checked out.
    Thank you for providing an adequate repair kit as well as a smartphone holder on the handlebars
    Our routes mix small roads and paths, your bike must be hybrid, mountain bike or gravel with suitable tires. City and road bikes are therefore to be avoided – If in doubt, call us!

  • Accommodation

    L’Autre Chemin has teamed up with a selection of guesthouses and small, traditional hotels to ensure that every stopover is an opportunity to learn about the architecture, lifestyle, gastronomy and local people of this region.

     Examples of accommodation ont the Chat with Stevenson bike tour


    Lo Barri de Meyssouzac

    Lo Barri de Meyssouzac

    Hotel les Bellugues

    Hôtel les Bellugues

  • Price info

    Prices include: 

    • Accommodation in double, twin, triple or multiple room with half-board (except stay in Le Puy  proposed with B&B option)
    • French holiday tax,
    • Baggage transfers (1 bag maxi 13kg / pax) to every stopover,
    • Transfer from St-Jean du Gard to Le Puy-en-Velay person and bike.
    • A digital guiding solution and a map
    • Telephone assistance


    • Rent of an E-bike
    • Rent of a trekking bike
    • Single room

    Prices do not include:

    • Transport and transfers to the starting point,
    • Any meals included in the selected option, drinks,
    • Car Paking
    • Bike rental
    • Spending money, any optional visits or activities,
    • Cancellation or multiple-risk insurance
    • Agency fees : €10 / rider.