Saint-James way – From Le Puy to Conques

Saint-James way – From Le Puy to Conques 12 days
From 990 € *
  • Duration: 12 days
  • Distance: 208km
  • Level: Medium

Go for a walk and enjoy the pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago – Le Puy – Conques. Take it easy with L’Autre Chemin and enjoy your walking tour  in an all inclusive version (accommodation, half-board, luggage transport depending on the chosen option and return to Puy-en-Velay included!)

Experience a total immersion in the world of pilgrimage … A wilderness hike between Le Puy-en-Velay – Haute-Loire and Conques – Aveyron. Discover magical landscapes :  The Haute-Loire (High Valley of Allier river), the plateaus of Margeride and Aubrac but also the arrival in the Lot Valley to join Conques .

A trip out of time, in millenary traces … Ultreïa and buen camino!

A little extra: The Agency The Other Way is located in Puy-en-Velay, this allows us to offer a close relationship and a good experience of the Camino.


Ultreïa and buen camino!

  • Difference in elevation :  4815m
  • Free walking tour
  • Family tour : Children from ages of 13 (according to walking ability)

The St-James way


Your trek on half-board basis*
Luggage transfer (1 bag / pers. Maxi +13kg) included
Journey back to Le Puy included
GPX file included
Roadbook included

€1120 / pers.
Walking with your bag (no transfer) -€90/ bag
With no journey back from Conques -€50 / pers.
Lone traveller – single room  +330€

*Your first stay in Le puy is booked on the bed & breakfast option to allow you to choose your restaurant in town.
Agency fees : €10 / pers.


Click on the schedule to book your pilgrimage on Saint-James way – See General terms and conditions



  • Day after day

    Please note that every stopover is given as an indication and may be modified according to the availability of accommodation 

    Day 1: Your arrival in Le Puy-en-Velay

    Discover the city and its secret street. the Cathedral, starting-point of the Saint-James way. During the evening from May to September have a look on the magnificent Puy de Lumières show.
    To do, to see :

    • Le Puy-en-Velay
    • Le Puy-en-Velay
    > The Cathedral
    > The visit of Notre-Dame de France
    > The Saint-Michel Chapel
    > The little streets of the old town
    > L'Hôtel-Dieu and its exhibitions
    > The Polignac castle
    > Pass 3 monuments
    > Lace teaching center
    > The Henry Vinay park

    Day 2 : Le Puy-en-Velay - Saint- Privat d'Allier - 24km

    Ultreïa, walk on Saint-James Way. Your first kilometers on the trail, you feel free within nature landscapes.

    To do, to see :

    • Saint-Christophe sur Dolaison
    > The XIth century church
    > The Castle (private property)
    > The view on Dolaizon valley

    • Seneujols (with a slight detour)
    > Dolmen

    • Montbonnet
    >The gorgeous St-Roch church

    • Saint-Privat d’Allier
    > Horse-riding
    > The Castle
    > The Prieuré

    Day 3 : Saint-Privat d'Allier - Saugues - 20 km

    Take it easy to climb the Gorges of the valley of the Allier, hard but how beautiful!

    To do, to see :

    • Sauges
    > The English Tower
    > The Gevaudan beast muséum
    > Biological swimming

    • La Clauze
    > The tower

    Day 4 : Saugues - Les Faux (St-Alban) - 26km

    The Way of Saint Jacques de Compostela (GR65) offers breathtaking landscapes of Margeride! Soon you will leave the Haute-Loire to walk now in Lozère.

    To do, to see :

    • La Clauze
    > The tower

    > Le Domaine du Sauvage
    > The Saint-Roch Chapel

    • Saint-Alban-sur-Limangole
    > The Castle of saint-Alban
    > The church

    Day 5 : Les Faux (St-Alban) - AUMONT-AUBRAC - 20KM

    You drive through breathtaking landscapes in Margeride and soon you leave the Haute-Loire to enter the Lozère... From the Margeride to the Aubrac.
    Discover on your route the Domaine du Sauvage, Saint-Alban Limagnole to reach Aumont-Aubrac. The "Chemin", the electric bike carries you quietly!

    To do, to see :

    > The Domaine of Sauvage
    > The Hospitalet of Sauvage
    > The Saint-Roch chapel

    • Saint-Alan Limangole
    > The scenovision - Mad of Margeride
    > The European Bison Reserve
    > The Castle of Saint-Alaban
    > The Church
    > The typical landscapes of Aubrac
    > Aubrac cows
    > Taste the Aligot

    • Aumont-Aubrac
    > The House of the Priory
    > The church of Saint-Etienne

    Day 6 : AUMONT-AUBRAC - Montgros / NASBINALS - 27KM

    The path takes you into the Aubrac offering landscapes as far as the eye can see, burons, water. Everything is there, you walk in a real postcard. Before reaching Nasbinals, take a beautiful bridge over the river Bès.

    to do, to see :

    • La Chaze de Peyre
    > The church

    • Rieutord d'Aubrac
    > The village

    • Nasbinals
    >The village and its architecture
    >the roman church
    > The Bès river

    Day 7 : Nasbinals (Montgros) - SAINT-CHÉLY D'AUBRAC - 17KM / 20KM

    Incredible Aubrac, landscapes as far as the eye can see ... Water, chaos of rocks, meadows ... Discover the beautiful village of Aubrac which seems to have landed by chance in the heart of the meadows!

    To do, to see :

    • Aubrac
    > The XII century Domerie church
    > The Tower of lost people
    >The ancient hospital
    > The house of Aubrey
    > Notre-Dame des gentianes d'Aubrac

    • Saint-Chély d'Aubrac
    > The pilgrims bridge
    > The church


    Today, new scenery to join the beautiful Lot valley and the Aveyron ... St Come d'Olt, Espalion and Estaing ... Gorgeous stops.

    To do, to see :

    • Saint-Come d'Olt - "Most beautiful villages of France" label
    > The bell tower of the church
    > The global architecture of the city
    > Slate roofs
    > The Chapel of the Penitents
    > The sweetness of life on the banks of Lot

    • Espalion
    > The old bridge made with pink stones
    > The old castle
    > The scuba museum !
    > The Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions - Joseph Vaylet
    > Museum of the Rouergue

    • Bessuéjouls
    > The church of St-Pierre built with pink stones

    • Estaing - "Most beautiful villages of France" label
    > The Gothic Bridge on the Lot
    > The Castle of Estaing


    You walk on the Way of Compostela close to the Lot river. Cross Espalion before joining Estaing.
    Enjoy this step rich in architectural discovery.

    To do, to see :
    • Espalion
    > The ancient bridge
    > Tha Castle
    > Museums

    • Bessuéjouls
    > The Saint- Pierre Church

    • Estaing - "Plus beaux villages de France"
    > The gothic bridge
    > The castle

    Day 10 : ESTAING - GOLINHAC 16KM

    Astonishing Conques coming out of nowhere. A sport route to raise from the Lot valley... Unless unless you may prefer to follow the Lot to join without difficulty Conques !

    The authentic way
    • Espeyrac and its church
    > The stunning village of Soulié

    The Lot valley way
    • Entraygues sur Truyère
    > The confluence of Lot and Truyère
    > The castle
    > St. George's Church
    > The bridges (Gothic on the Truyère and the bridge Notre-Dame)
    > The medieval character of the city

    • Conques
    > The Abbey church of Sainte-Foy and its tympanum presenting the last judgment
    > The Treasure of Conques
    > The general architecture of the village and its atmosphere
    > The Joseph Fau Museum
    > The peaceful valley of Dourdou

    Day 11 : GOLINHAC - CONQUES -21KM

    Enjoy the end of your walking tour by discovering Conques, the pearl of Rouergue.
    Simply beautiful with its Abbey Sainte-Foy seems to come out of nowhere! Here ends your first part of pilgrimage!

    To do, to see :

    • Conques
    > The Sainte-Foye Abbey
    >The treasure of Conques
    > The village and its architecture
    > The Joseph Fau museum
    > The quiet Doudou valley

    Day 12 : Your return to Le Puy-en-Velay

    A journey to return to Le Puy-en-Velay with a shuttle, the opportunity to see all landscapes you ride on !

  • Extras and services

    As an optional extra, L’Autre Chemin offers:


    Lone traveller?

    L’Autre Chemin offers high quality accommodation in a single room, for a surcharge:

    • Single room surcharge : +€330

    No luggage transfer to every stoppover

    If you prefer walking and carrying your bag, benefit of €90 discount on your trek

    No journey back  to Le Puy

    If you do not want the journey back to Le puy, benefit of €45 discount on your trek

  • Accommodation

    L’Autre Chemin has teamed up with a selection of guesthouses and small, traditional hotels to ensure that every stopover is an opportunity to learn about the architecture, lifestyle, gastronomy and local people of this region.

    Example of accommodation on the Camino

    Les Coudercous à Saint-Chély d'Aubrac

    Les Coudercous***

    Hostellerie-du-Couvent du Malet

    Hostellerie-du-Couvent du Malet

  • Price info

    Price includes: 

    • Accommodation on half-board in a twin or double bedroom (on a basis of 2 people sharing) 
    • French holiday tax,  
    • Baggage transfers (1 bag weighing 13kg max.) to every stopover
    • The journey back in a bus to Le Puy.
    • The St-James way book,
    • Telephone assistance

    Extras : 

    • No bag transfer
    • No journey back
    • Multirisk and cancellation insurance
    • Single room

    Prices do not include:

    • Transport and transfers to the starting point,
    • Any meals non-included in the selected option, drinks, spending money,
    • Any optional visits or activities,
    • Agency fees : €10 / walker

    Agency fees

    €10 / walker


    L’Autre Chemin offers a variety of optional extras to make your trip easier and more comfortable.

    To encourage you to take the plunge, L’Autre Chemin gives you the option of paying for your holiday in instalments.