Trilogy of cycle paths

Trilogy of cycle paths 8 days
From 730 € *
  • Duration: 8 days
  • Distance: 342Km
  • Level: Medium

Your bike trip : Trilogy, Via Fluvia, Via Rhôna and la Dolce Via

An incredible discovery on 3 prestigious greenways that invite you to explore the varied landscapes. First in Haute-Loire on the Via Fluvia where from Lavoûte-sur-Loire, you will discover the ravines of Corboeuf, the waves of Lignon, the high forests of Dunières – Riotord before moving into the Loire department then the ‘Ardèche through the green valley of the Cance. Soon you will have a change of scenery by following the current of the Rhône on the Via Rhôna which will take you to Tournon-sur-Rhône, Tain l’Hermitage then Valence. Soon, you will find the magnificent green way where it is good to drive, the Dolce Via which will take you back to Ardèche. You will then gain height to reach the highlands of Vivarais. Even if the greenway stops at Saint-Agrève, we have concocted a beautiful route combining small roads and accessible paths to reach Le Puy-en-Velay.

  • Elevation 4250m – Greenway, country roads and paths
  • Note: a long stage from Valence to Cheylard
  • Accommodation: ** & *** hotels and friendly guest rooms
  • In family: From 14 years old by electric bike (Mini: 1.55m) depending on the ease of cycling

IMPORTANT: cycling travel requires good autonomy in managing the bike: Knowing how to change an inner tube, putting on a “derailed” chain, but also knowing how to ride a bike.
Prices (Expressed per person on an occupancy based on 2 people)

8 days / 7 nights
Your bike tour including:
The rental of an e-bike with a digital guiding solution
Your bike trip Half-board basis*
Phone assistance
€730 / pax
Rent a trekking E-bike + 2 panniers + Insurance +€215 / bike
Rent a trekking bike + 2 panniers + insurance +€140 / bike
Rent a single wheel trailer 70 liters – Use for 2 or 3 pers.
 +€80 / trailer
Luggage transfer (minimum 2 bags – Maxi 13kg / bag) +€320 / bag
Single room +€250
* Except for Le Puy and Annonay stops available overnight & breakfast – To give you more flexibility in choosing your restaurant
Agency fees : See the “Price Info” section
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Advantages of going on an electric bike tour with L’Autre Chemin:

  • You travel self-guided and follow a specially-planned route with short stages so that you can make the most of your time in the Haute-Loire.
  • We provide modern electric bikes that are both comfortable and easy to ride. L’Autre Chemin can also supply children’s bikes or trailers.
  • Your stopovers are in guesthouses or family-friendly hotels, providing a comfortable and authentic base from which you can discover the local area and enjoy a real change of scenery.
  • With extra : Your luggage can be transferred to each stopover (you only need to carry what you need for the day with you).
  • All of the itineraries have been tried and tested to ensure that our packages are both extraordinary and accessible.
  • Our rental bikes are insured
  • Programme jour par jour

    Nota : Les étapes sont données à titre indicatif et peuvent être modifiées selon les disponibilités hébergeurs.


    A day of discovery of the city of Puy-en-Velay.
    The opportunity to discover the Vellave city. ! You stroll and discover the upper town of Puy-en-Velay. Take the secret streets, discover the Cathedral starting point of the Way of Saint Jacques de Compostela.

    To discover :
    > The Cathedral starting point of the Saint-James way
    > Notre-Dame de France
    > The Saint-Michel chapel
    > Crozatier museum
    > the secret streets of the old town
    > The castle of Polignac
    > During summer, the light show Puy de Lumières
    > The immersive Show Hôtel e Lumières
    > The Immersive show Terres de Géant


    You will leave Le Puy to join the cool Borne valley then take the height to reach the fortress of Polignac. Small roads, will make you discover the landscapes of Haute-Loire, magnificent small villages before descending towards the gorges of the Loire, starting point of the greenway Via Fluvia. The via Fluvia is a greenway which is based on the route of the Galoche railway. A route that winds through the heart of a wild landscape

    To discover:
    • Les Estreys
    > Magnificent village on the edge of the river (Borne)

    • Polignac
    > The visit of the fortress

    • Lavoute sur Loire
    > Château Lavoûte Polignac built on a rocky outcrop above a meander of the Loire
    > Aquapassion Center
    > The lakes on the banks of the Loire in Saint-Vincent

    • Beaulieu
    > The Notre-Dame church (12th century)
    > The Castle of Adiac

    Journée 3 : Beaulieu - Montfaucon - 43km - D+680m

    You continue on the old railway line which hosted a steam train linking Lavoûte-sur-Loire to La Voûlte-sur-Rhône. You travel on this route which invites you to discover the Ravin de Corboeuf (a canyon of multicolored clay), the Moulin du Pinard (interpretation of the Vivarais railway lines and water games) and many other curiosities. A real pleasure to ride safely and in the middle of nature! Soon you reach Lapte and its imposing bell tower to reach Montfaucon, a village which houses 12 paintings from the Flemish school.

    To discover :
    • Rosieres
    > The Ravines of Corboeuf and its multicolored clays
    > Le Moulin du Pinard - Old locomotives and water games

    • Yssingeaux
    > Saint-Pierre church and its remarkable paintings, most of which are listed as "historical monuments"
    > The Chapel of the Penitents
    > The Saint-Roch museum which occupies the former chapel of the hospital and hospice
    > Ceramics and pottery workshops
    > The archaeological site of Saussac

    • Grazac
    > The Priory - a Clunisian site to visit
    > The Rosary
    > The Snail House - Reservation possible
    > The Bridge of the Saint

    • Lapt
    > The Church and its high bell tower (the highest in Haute-Loire - 54m - Belvedere)

    • Raucoules
    > The Velay express, journey by steam train
    > Train Museum

    • Montfaucon
    > Le Jardin du Mirandou, sensory discovery with bare feet
    > Notre-Dame Church which houses 12 Flemish paintings

    Day 4 : MONTFAUCON - ANNONAY - 53KM - D+370M

    A great day of cycling! Continue your journey to reach Dunières, further Riotord where you reach the Col du Tracol which offers you a splendid view of the Regional Park of Pilat, the Rhone Valley. A beautiful descent awaits you first on the road before reaching the cycle route and then pretty paths. Soon you reach Annonay.

    To discover :
    • Dunieres
    > Vélorail du Velay
    > Romanesque church from the 12th century

    • Riotord
    > Fishing pond - Educational circuit
    > Cisterscian site of Clavas and its medieval-inspired garden

    • Tracol
    > A pass at 1000m height between Loire and Haute-Loire

    • Saint-Sauveur en Rue
    > Saint-Blaise Church

    • Bourg-Argental
    > The ruins of the castle in Argental
    > The House of Châtelet
    > Saint-André church (from the 8th century)

    • Annonay
    > The Parchment Museum
    > The Tower of the Martyrs (XIth)
    > The city of the first hot air balloon flight of the Montgolfier brothers
    > The Vagelas Bridge
    > The historic heart
    > Mignot Park
    > The Bardon Gardens in Davézieux

    Day 5 : ANNONAY - VALENCE - 60KM - D+290M

    Today, continue your descent towards the Rhône, you drive on beautiful little roads, especially on this balcony road above the Cance, just magnificent. Soon you reach the Rhone valley. A new experience, that of riding near the river, the barges, the vineyards that herald the South and the orchards. Cross the Rhône to join the greenway. you walk along the river and soon reach the confluence of the Rhône and the Isère, Valence awaits you!

    To discover :
    • Vernosc-lès-Annonay
    > The Seguin suspension bridge
    > The Cance Valley and Roche Pérénadre

    • Saras
    > Castle
    > The Rhône, this long carpet of water flowing through the heart of the valley
    > The change of universe: Vines, orchards

    • Arras-sur-Rhone
    > remains of the Castle and the legend of the Black Rider
    > The Rhône, this long carpet of water flowing through the heart of the valley
    > The change of universe: Vines, orchard

    • Vion
    > Saint-Martin church (12th century)

    • Tournon-sur-Rhone
    > Castle
    > The Rhône, this long carpet of water flowing through the heart of the valley
    > The change of universe: Vines, orchard

    • Tain l'Hermitage
    > Seguin footbridge which spans the Rhône
    > The chocolate city of Valrhôna
    > The Tain vineyard

    • Valencia
    > Valence Museum - Art & Archeology
    > The facade of the Maison des Têtes
    > The Peynet Kiosk, classified as a historic monument (magnificent at night when lit)
    > The Architecture and Heritage Interpretation Center (Bonaparte)
    > The historic center
    > The Triniatires and Jouvet parks
    > The Saint-Appolinaire Cathedral consecrated by Pope Urban II (a bit like Velay, isn't it?)
    > Test Romans ravioli
    > Taste the Swiss from Maison Nivon

    DAY 6 : VALENCE- LE CHEYLARD - 66KM - D+ 680M

    After the Drôme, let's change banks to join the Dolce Via which follows the very "natural" valley of the Eyrieux. We pedal there in complete tranquility, we discover beautiful practical facilities, friendly villages. the river accompanies you. An alternation of tar, sandy tracks, a real change of scenery. First imperceptibly we feel that it goes up then the route rears up again and the break at Cheylard is welcome.

    To discover :
    • Soyons
    > Nero's cave
    > The Ardèche train garden

    • Charmes-sur-Rhone
    > The vegetable maze
    > Crussol Castle
    > The bell tower

    • Welcome to Dolce Via
    > Heritage interpretation panels
    > The different layouts
    > The path along the Eyrieux

    • The Cheylard
    > The Château de Chèze (Protestant stronghold)
    > The Ark of Trades
    > The old town


    Take courage to go back to the highlands! No problem, the path meanders, takes tunnels to find the smoothest route... Of course, you will have to pedal, but the landscape is really worth it. You reach Saint-Agrève where you leave the Dolce Via. Now you drive on small roads, on accessible paths (Chemin de Saint-Régis) to reach Fay-sur-Lignon located in the heart of the high plateaus of Mézenc.

    To discover :
    • Saint-Agrève
    > Mont-Chiniac
    > La Dolce via (Ardèche soft route)
    > The miraculous fountain
    > Bon Guéret animal park
    > The Château de Lacour at 2km

    • Fay sur Lignon:
    > The Saint Regis fountain
    > Place du Foiral
    > Different producers: honey, trout, jams


    Back to Le Puy by rolling in the heart of this intense, strong, wild, harsh and at the same time welcoming nature. You discover Saint-Front, its volcanic lake, its 12th century church then the hamlet of thatched cottages of Bigorre. Soon you follow the Aubépin valley. A few laps on the Saint-James way route to Geneva for a gentle return to "civilization".

    To discover :
    • Saint-Front
    > The typical village of the highlands – Saint-Front
    > The 12th century Romanesque church – Saint Front
    > The volcanic lake
    > The thatched village and the ecomuseum of Bigorre

    • Montusclat
    > Magnificent stone villages

    • Saint-Julien-Chapteuil
    > Romanesque church
    > The Turtle Ostriches
    > Astronomy
    > The mills of Neyzac
    > Le Moulin de Guérin

    • Saint-Germain-Laprade
    > Bourg Castle
    > Remains of the old Abbey of Doue

    • Brives-Charensac
    > The bridges that span the Loire
    That of the 13th century Chartreuse, the Old 12th century bridge in the center of Brives-Charensac

  • Extras & services

    As an optional extra, L’Autre Chemin offers:

    You want to rent a bike

    • Rental of an e-bikes with 2 panniers of 20l + breakage / theft insurance: + €215 / bike
    • Rental of a trekking bikes without assistance with 2 panniers of 20 liters + breakage / theft insurance: +140€ / bike
    • Rental of a single wheel trailer (capacity of carriage 70 liters) : +€80 / trailer

    If you plan to travel with your bike, please make sure of certain points:

    If it is an electrically assisted bicycle, the battery must have a minimum power of 400 watts. Attention: the battery must be removable, if this is not the case, please contact us to check the possibilities of reception.
    It is imperative that it be in perfect working order before departure. Consider getting it checked out.
    Thank you for providing an adequate repair kit as well as a smartphone holder on the handlebars
    Our routes mix small roads and paths, your bike must be hybrid, mountain bike or gravel with suitable tires. City and road bikes are therefore to be avoided – If in doubt, call us!

    Extra night in Le Puy

    It is always pleasant to have rest and take a good shower before leaving, but also to enjoy the city of Le Puy a little more, you can opt for an extra night at the end of your stay.

    • Night reception & breakfast Hotel***: 75 € / pers
    • Night reception & breakfast in single room Hotel*** : 110 €
  • Accommodation

    L’Autre Chemin has developed many partnerships with bed and breakfasts or small traditional hotels to offer you the best of the Haute-Loire and that each stage is still an opportunity to discover the architecture, the art of living , gastronomy but also a moment of exchange and meeting.

    Examples of accommodation

    Hôtel Les voyageurs

    Hôtel du Midi


  • Groups

    Ah, the pleasure of traveling in a group, we exchange, we share…And in addition you benefit from an adapted offer …

    Group from 10 people, contact us for a detailed quote.
    Ask for your quote by email or by phone: 09 83 64 00 86

  • Fares

    Prices include: 

    • Accommodation in double or twin room with half-board (on a basis of 2 people sharing except stopover in Le Puy proposed in B&B option) plus French holiday tax,
    • A digital guiding solution and a map
    • Telephone assistance


    • Rental of an E-bike or a trekking bike
    • Rental of a trailer
    • Luggage transfer
    • Single room
    • Multiple-risk and cancellation insurance

    Prices do not include:

    • Transport and transfers to the starting point,
    • Bike rental
    • Car parking
    • Baggage transfers to every stopover,
    • Any meals included in the selected option, drinks,
    • Spending money, any optional visits or activities,
    • Cancellation or multiple-risk insurance
    • Agency fees : €10 / rider.
  • Going to Le Puy

    By train

    The city of Puy-en-Velay has a train station that takes you right to the center of the city near your first hotel and all the places to visit, shops. In short, it is very pleasant to take the train from home to come and start your cycling holiday in Le Puy.

    Psst, even if the journey may seem long, when you arrive via Saint-Etienne, the tracks run along the wild Loire Valley, it’s a very nice sight and you can make new friends in the wagons!

    By car

    Le Puy is accessible by road, in particular by two main roads, the RN88 from Saint-Etienne / Lyon or Aubenas / Mende or via the RN 102 (Clermont-Ferrand). There are suitable car parks on site, but everything is explained to you in your travel diary!

    • Paris: 515km
    • Lyon: 134km
    • Marseille: 300km
    • Toulouse: 350km
    • Montpellier: 250km

    By plane

    • Le Puy-Loudes airport serving Paris
    • Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport
    • Clermont-Ferrand Airport

    And now, it’s up to you to choose your means of transport to reach your starting point!


  • Besoin d'aide ?

    Que ce soit pour réserver votre voyage à vélo sur la Via Fluvia ou nous poser des questions complémentaires, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter.