Untamed Loire bike tour

Untamed Loire bike tour 5 days / 4 nights
From 540 € *
  • Duration: 5 days / 4 nights
  • Distance: 172
  • Level: Atheltic

Cycle on your electric bike along the untamed Loire, from its sources…

This route through “untamed countryside” takes in mountains, gorges and hidden valleys. Pedal along roads and paths up to the high plateaus of the Mézenc, passing through the village resort of Les Estables, Mézenc and Mont-Gerbier-de-Jonc. You will then ride alongside the river in the Ardèche to reach the Issarlès lake. After a quick dip in the lake (weather depending!), pedal through the magnificent upper Loire gorges and through stunning villages such as Lafarre, Arlempdes and Goudet with its polychromic roofs. What a delight to cycle alongside this untamed river, which very nearly lost its identity in the 1990s (due to a project to build a new dam).

  • Difference in altitude: 3435 m – Country roads and easy trails 
  • Family Tour for children from 12 (according to cycling abilities) or for the youngest till 6 in a trailer
  • Price (per person, on a basis of 2 people sharing)
    • Guesthouses & 2 or 3* hotels
Fares Half-board 
Travelling with our e-bikes
Half-board trip* included
Luggage transfer included
€620 / pers.
Option – Travelling with a trekking bike  -€40 / bike
Option – Travelling with your bike  -€80 / bike
Option – Single room (1 pers.) not lone traveller +€120

*Your first stay in Le puy is booked on the bed & breakfast option to allow you to choose your restaurant in town

  • See Extras & services section for :
    • Riding on your own bike or with a trekking bike
    • Lone traveller 
    • A superior comfort option
    • Multi-risk and cancellation insurance
  • Agency fees : See the “Price Info” section
  • Group travel from 5 adults, please contact us


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Advantages of going on an electric bike tour with L’Autre Chemin:

  • You travel independently and follow a specially-planned route with short stages so that you can make the most of your time in the Haute-Loire.
  • We provide modern electric bikes that are both comfortable and easy to ride. L’Autre Chemin can also supply children’s bikes or trailers.
  • Your stopovers are in guesthouses or family-friendly hotels, providing a comfortable and authentic base from which you can discover the local area and enjoy a real change of scenery.
  • Your luggage is transported to each stopover (you only need to carry what you need for the day with you).
  • All of the itineraries have been tried and tested to ensure that our packages are both extraordinary and accessible.
  • Day after Day

    Please note that every stopover is given as an indication and may be modified according to the availability of accommodation 

    Day 1 : Your arrival in Le Puy-en-Velay

    A nice opportunity to discover the ancient town an the European capital of Saint-James way.
    On the morning come and join us in Coubon wher you can leave your car and take your bikes.

    To do, to see :
    • Le Puy-en-Velay
    > Crozatier Museum
    > Notre-Dame de France
    > L’Hôtel-Dieu
    > Saint-Michel d'Aiguilhe chapel
    > The medieval town
    > The Cathedral
    > Pass 3 monuments

    Day 2 : Le Puy-en-Velay – Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille - 52 km - D+1270m

    After taking possession of your bikes, follow a path that offers stunning views of the Loire. You ride through hills and forests towards the villaget of les Estables beneath the Mount Mézenc.

    To do, to see :

    • Chadron
    >The church St-Armand
    > The view on the Loire valley and more ...

    The valley of la Gazeille near Le Crouzet

    • Alleyrac
    > The Saint-Martin
    > The scissors cross

    • Présailles
    > The catle of Vachères - No visit
    >The churh and the mission cross

    • Freycenet-la-Cuche
    > Castle
    > Longetraye cave
    > Mini-golf

    • Les Estables
    > Hiking on the Mézenc Mount
    > Bees of the Mézenc
    > GAEC farm
    > The church
    > Mountainbiking with an instructor
    > Tree ropes aventure
    > Climbing, Via ferrata – réservation possible
    > Paragliding

    Day 3 : Les Estables - Le Béage – 47km - D+925m

    Today, you will cross over into the Ardèche department as you follow the Loire into the Monts d’Ardèche regional natural park. Mont-Gerbier-de-Jonc, Sainte-Eulalie, Le Béage… So many characteristic and lovely places to visit on the way!

    To do, to see :
    • Mont-Gerbier-de-Jonc
    > The Sources of Loire
    > Hiking on the Gerbier Mount

    • Sainte-Eulalie
    > The village
    > The Clastres farm

    • Le Béage
    > The village
    > Panorama on the Ardèche mountains
    > Horse-riding

    Day 4 : Le Béage - Goudet – 43 km - D+765m

    An itinerary through the countryside, during which you will see the Cros de Géorand flood defences and the Issarlès volcanic lake (a great place for a swim). The route takes you up to the villages of La Chapelle Graouillouse and Lafarre, where you will cross back into the Haute-Loire. An extraordinary ride through the Loire gorges to discover some extraordinarily beautiful communes: Arlempdes (whose Marquis was France's first aeronaut in 1783, along with Pilatre de Rozier) and Goudet.

    To do, to see :

    A faire, à voir :
    • Issarlès
    > The volcanic lake
    > Troglodyte house
    > Connoeïng

    • Lafarre
    > The scenic village
    > The Tour of Mariac
    > Cros de Lafarre castle
    > The church

    • Arlempdes
    > The ruins of the castle standing over the Loire
    > Basaltic organs
    > The St-Pierre Church
    > The old door : La Poterne
    > Rurality museum

    • Goudet
    > The village
    > The tower bell of the church
    > The Beaufort castle standing over the Loire
    > Beaches (be careful, swimming is not supervised)
    > The walk along the Loire on the small trail

    Day 5 : Goudet – Le Puy-en-Velay – 52km - D+865m

    Summon up plenty of energy to cycle up to the plateaus that overlook the Loire valley. Your efforts will be rewarded when you join Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille (The starting point of Stevenson trail) and the ride to Solignac-sur-Loire with its ancient ramparts.

    To do, to see :

    • Le Ponteils
    > Basaltic organs and the du Mill of the Rocher

    • Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille
    > Saint Chaffre Abbey
    > St Jean Baptiste Church
    > Fontains
    • Croyances populaires museum
    >School museum
    > Cultural European hall (exhibitions)
    > La Recoumène bridge
    >Bunjee jump

    • Solignac sur Loire
    > The Beam fall
    > The ancient walls of Solignac-sur-Loire

  • Extras & services

    As an optional extra, L’Autre Chemin offers:


    A superior comfort option

    For the stopovers in :

    Lone traveller?

    L’Autre Chemin offers high quality accommodation in a single room, for a small surcharge:

    • Single room surcharge : +€120

    Travelling with children

    Children stay in the same room as their parents 

    • Ages 1-3 : 80% off the adult price – In a trailer
    • Ages 4-6 : 50% off the adult price- In a trailer
    • Ages under 13 :  20% off the adult price with an e-bike

    Riding on your own bike or with a standard mountain bike

    • Traveling with your bike: €80 off on the price tour / person who uses his own bike
    • Traveling with a bike without electric assistance: €40 off on the price tour / person travelling with a trekking bike (On request and according availability)


    Multiple-risk and cancellation insurance with our partner Europ Assistance

    For peace of mind while you travel, L’Autre Chemin offers a range of multiple-risk and cancellation insurance packages. 




  • Accommodationdation

    L’Autre Chemin has teamed up with a selection of guesthouses and small, traditional hotels to offer guests the best that the Haute-Loire has to offer, ensuring that every stopover is an opportunity to learn about the architecture, lifestyle, gastronomy and local people of this region.


    Example of accommodation

    Chambre d'hôtes L'Arbrassous

    Chambre d’hôtes L’Arbrassous

    Le Clos Masclaux - Chambres d'hôtes à Arlempdes

    Le Clos Masclaux

  • Price Info

    Price (per person, on a basis of 2 people sharing)

    Fares Half-board 
    Travelling with our e-bikes
    Half-board trip* included
    Luggage transfer included
    €620 / pers.
    Option – Travelling with a trekking bike  -€40 / bike
    Option – Travelling with your bike  -€80 / bike
    Option – Single room (1 pers.) not lone traveller +€120

    *Your first stay in Le puy is booked on the bed & breakfast option to allow you to choose your restaurant in town

    Prices include: 

    • Accommodation in double or twin room with half-board (on a basis of 2 people sharing except stopover in Le Puy proposed in B&B option) plus French holiday tax,
    • The provision of an e-bike , 1 cycle pannier (1/ adult bike), helmet, basic repair kit
    • A GPS rental / group
    • Roadbook & a map
    • Telephone assistance


    • Bike rental : Provision of an electric hybrid bicycle or a standard bike, 1 cycle bag (1/ adult bike), helmet, basic repair kit
    • Single room
    • Multiple-risk and cancellation insurance

    Prices do not include:

    • Transport and transfers to the starting point,
    • Any meals included in the selected option, drinks,
    • Spending money, any optional visits or activities,
    • Cancellation or multiple-risk insurance
    • Agency fees : €20.


    Agency fees

    €20 : Booking folder



    L’Autre Chemin offers a variety of optional extras to make your trip easier and more comfortable.

    To encourage you to take the plunge, L’Autre Chemin gives you the option of paying for your holiday in instalments.