Family adventures

Go with your children on a bike trip for a few days !  A real experience for young and old ones. Ride through gorgeous landscapes, discover with all your family, all together doing the same activity … L’Autre Chemin has selected routes and trails specially adapted for the family trip for children from 9 years on electric bicycle or up to 6 years in trailer.

An unforgettable family holiday by electric bike and discovering the Haute-Loire

The castles of (Haute) Loire bike tour

3 days

e-biking through the ages and discover 4 castles of Haute-Loire !

  • From 230 €
  • Distance 69km
  • Level Easy / Intermediate

Ticket to ride on the Via Fluvia

3 days

Ride and Discover an old steam train line

  • From 240 €
  • Distance 98km
  • Level Easy

The Chaumières bike tour

3 days / 2 nights

A riding weekend admiring the thatched roofs on the highlands of the Mézenc

  • From 230 €
  • Distance 82 km
  • Level Intermediate

The Cister route – Family bike tour within the Mézenc plateaus

4 days / 3 nights

Three outstanding days in family riding across the high plateaus of the Mezenc

  • From 380 €
  • Distance 129KM
  • Level Easy

Le Puy & a lake – Discover Le Puy and e-biking

2 days / 1 night

A weekend exploring the capital of the Haute-Loire and riding to a volcanic lake with an e-bike

  • From 230 €
  • Distance 59 km
  • Level Easy

Volcanic lake bike tour

3 days / 2 nights

A route that leads you to one of the Haute-Loire's most emblematic sites

  • From 210 €
  • Distance 62 km
  • Level Easy